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I'm a senior in college who struggled through weeks without a laptop thanks to ifixyouri. This company is completely terrible at communicating with its customers without an incredible amount of prodding, prioritizes "corporate" customer repairs over those which arrive before them, and ultimately failed to live up to any of their promises to repair my device, and might have even caused more harm than good in the end.

Hopefully the following essay will help steer anyone looking to get their computer fixed far, far away from these people. After spilling a small amount of tea onto the keyboard of my relatively new MacBook Air and knowing that AppleCare wouldn't save me, I looked up a third party repair company that would be able to fix water damage. Ifixyouri promised a 90% success rate and a fast turnaround time, so I placed my order online and paid extra for overnight shipping from Maine down to Florida and back. I made my purchase on January 25th, and they received my computer on January 26th.

The following six weeks were an absolute nightmare. I must have called the service line 15 times trying to get answers as to what was happening with my laptop. The following is a timeline of the events during that period. Jan 27-Feb.

3: After a few days of no email update, I called the customer service multiple times to try to get some information. Each time the representative (female, with a high voice) was nice enough (although clearly eager to only give me the bare minimum information that I asked for), checked with the technician, and let me know that the computer went through initial testing, then one round of water damage repair (unsuccessful), then another round (successful, the laptop turned on) and identification that there was something wrong with the keyboard. I asked for a timeframe on the repair, and she said it was a same day repair and would be done soon. Feb.

4: I receive a clearly copy-pasted in some section email update from the technician, who informed me that my computer was working well but needed a new keyboard, which would cost $149.99. I immediately replied and agreed to the repair and to pay the extra cost, but got no confirmation/response. Feb. 5-15: After more days of no contact, I called again for an update and was informed that they had ordered the part (something they hadn't informed me they would have to do) and that it would take 5-7 business days to arrive.

Feb. 17: I call again, and have been told that the keyboard part had arrived the previous day. I am assured the repair will be completed soon. Feb.

18-24: I have not received an update on my "one-day" repair. I call multiple times, and am informed at one point by the same customer service woman that due to a significant number of "corporate repairs" needing to be done my repair had not yet been completed. One call, I let the (different) customer service agent know that it's been more than a month of waiting and she's surprised and comments "that's a long time, you've been very patient" (I know). During one call after expressing (rather sadly/frustratedly) that I didn't understand why it was taking so long, I get transferred abruptly to speak with the technician (Steven), who tells me it should be fixed that day and that I'll receive an email when it it finished.

He assures me that outgoing testing will only take 1-2 days to check that everything with the laptop is fine, and that once my balance is paid my laptop will be sent back to me. Feb. 24: I receive an email update from the technician that my computer keyboard was fixed and had been sent to outgoing testing. Feb 25-Feb 28: No update from the company.

Mar 1: I receive an email update that my computer is ready to ship. I call the customer service number and pay my open balance an hour after I receive the email. Soon afterwards I receive a tracking number via the email (no message, just a number) that I plug into the UPS website, which tells me that despite paying $25 extra for overnight shipping, the company has printed out a Ground Service shipping label for my laptop! I frantically call the customer service line hoping that it hasn't been shipped yet -- thankfully it hasn't, but the customer service woman wasn't exactly apologetic and says "oh I must have just not noticed the note on your ticket." But the problem is fixed and I receive a new tracking number.

Mar. 2: 37 days after I sent my laptop, I receive it back in the middle of finals week. I plug it in and turn it on, and -what a surprise- the trackpad is sticky/won't click fully because the new keyboard has been installed poorly. I have long since decided at this point that I will never use ifixyouri again, so I decide I can live with it (or at least until I can get a competent local tech to look at it.) March 4: In the middle of working on a project, my laptop shuts down unexpectedly.

Thinking I had just not noticed the battery drain, I plug it in it starts again to show the battery at 68%, but as soon as I take the charging cable off it shuts down again. Something is wrong with the battery. I do just about everything known to the internet to fix/diagnose the problem (restart it, try another charging cord, download the coconutbattery app, reset the SMC, even wipe the laptop completely and reinstall OSX), but to no avail. Occasionally it will last for a few minutes without the cable, but sometimes it shuts down with the cable connected, and sometimes it just says the battery isn't connected at all.

Mar. 6: I give up. I take the old computer to a local repair shop, who after a day say it's either physical damage to the battery connection, or physical damage to the logic board - neither of which were caught during ifixyouri's "outgoing testing," and likely weren't caused by the original liquid damage. I'm leaving the country in a few weeks for my senior thesis research and decide that I just have to *** the bullet for a new laptop, because who knows what sort of new problems might come up in the future even after I have to pay for these new issues to get fixed?

March 9: My new laptop arrives. I am grateful that my tax return this year ended up being big enough that I can still pay for rent too. Thus ends a 6+ week saga with ifixyouri that got me absolutely nowhere except for $262.49 + the cost of a replacement laptop lost and a lot of wisdom gained about not trusting in companies to actually have your best interest at heart.

I've seen that ifixyouri sometimes replies to these reviews and to be completely honest, unless they're offering a full and complete refund of my repair costs, I never want to speak to them (or hear their *** customer service hold music) ever again. Anyone looking to go to them in the future would be wise to go elsewhere -- find a repair shop where you can actually talk to people face to face, and where they've retained a shred of dignity and honesty in dealing with customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ifixyouri Laptop Repair.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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