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Palm Beach Sherrifs arrived and I Explain everything that has happened. They were very surprised to hear that the company never reached out to me to tell me that my iPad had been stolen.

They are now investigating whether the company has reached out to any of the other customers that have also fallen victim to the theft of their devices and private information. While there , the police officers tell me that they have been told that a New IPad is waiting for me at the stores Northlake location. So I drive up to Northlake and some little kid behind the counter tries to hand me someone’ else’s old scratched up iPad !!!

They actually expect me to TRUST that it’s “ok” to take this old used iPad. All I need is to end up taking that home and it starts “pinging “ because the original owner is looking for it. I called the Okeechobee store back and they say that their corporate office is going to call me tomorrow.

Let’s see.... I now have a police report in hand , my attorney on speed dial and a call in already to a reporter with the Palm Beach Post.

Let’s see if they are truly interested in resolving this matter and will give me a call tomorrow. Today’s date is 5/10/2018

Location: 1900 Okeechobee Boulevard, Suite A-9, West Palm Beach, FL 33409, USA

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